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Film:  ZEUS'S MUSES (2010)

        H O M E B I O R E E L L O O K   G A L L E R Y R E S U M E S O C I A L M O R E C A U S E S


A Zeus-worshiping director (Joshua M. Bott)

(of a performance artist's group) plans for his

next big show... about the 1929 Stock Market



A Film by Tyler Holtman


Joshua M. Bott   Glenn Hoeffner  

Rhyan Schwartz   Anne Schroeder  

Randy Stanger    Ron Ruhman

Story by Tyler Holtman, Adam Grab, Chase

Holtman, and Paul Grab

Produced by Kristen Schreck

Director of Photography Alexander Dobbs

Production Design by Leanne Mobley

Edited by   Celeste Noreen

Sound Design by Jonno Cohn

Music Composed by Steve Holtman

Interpretive Dance music by Rhyan Schwartz

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