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West Coast Premiere:  Girl of  My

Dreams  2006

        H O M E B I O R E E L L O O K   G A L L E R Y R E S U M E S O C I A L M O R E C A U S E S

March 15th - April 23th 2006  -  Village Theatre - Issaquah, WA

April 28th - May 14th 2006  -  Village Theatre - Everett, WA

G i r l   o f   M y   D r e a m s  

(West Coast Premiere)

Music By  Peter Ekstrom

Lyrics By  Steve Hayes and Peter Ekstrom

Book and Additional Lyrics by David DeBoy

Vocal arrangements By Peter Eckstrom

Directed and Choreographed By  Steve Tomkins

Music Directed By  Tim Symons

i n f o   &   t i x :

4 2 5 . 3 9 2 . 2 2 0 2

SONG:  Nocturne Lullaby

Original Cast Recording

Also featuring Mariah Taylor